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Soar with the birds!

Canadian, Jim Richards, has done everything. He's a film director, a glider pilot, a model railway enthusiast, a broadcaster, world traveller... But one of his primary passions is soaring above the clouds without an engine in far western NSW Australia. That hot, dry, isolated location is an ideal place for thermals. And for years - in between making TV commercials all over the world and working for George Lucas - Jim's has returned again and again to the Narromine Gliding Club to become one with the sun, storms and air. This is a remarkable book. A male love story. An invocation to join the eagles.

Meet the surveillance society...

What would you do if you stumbled across the world's most closely guarded industrial secret? The Fourth Eye is about Colin Blake, a commercial photographer who inadvertently learns about never-to-be-released technology - and finds himself on the petrochemical cartel's death list. But, unknown to the corporations, Blake has a devastating weapon - total recall - and uses it to great effect. Non stop action page turner? You've got it.

Top adventure thriller...

Project Thunder is Smith's latest action blockbuster. You're on a scientific survey ship in the frigid North Sea. A ship that, for some reason, has a SWAT team on board. When the ship's attacked by armed insurgents in mid ocean, the team prevails. Until a hurricane breaks it into two pieces and it sinks off the frigid coast of Norway. And that's just the start. Non-stop action. Non-stop twists. And fully rounded characters that suck you in.

Near future science fiction...

What will the world be like in 80 years time? This exhaustively researched dystopian saga concentrates on one particular aspect - the lust of the rich to live forever. And with the latest scientific breakthroughs, they are getting close to doing just that. But what consequences does that have for people down the food chain? Plenty! If you like your near-future science fiction dark and well informed, get this one.