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Soar with the birds!

Canadian, Jim Richards, has done everything. He's a film director, a glider pilot, a model railway enthusiast, a broadcaster, world traveller... But one of his primary passions is soaring above the clouds without an engine in far western NSW Australia. That hot, dry, isolated location is an ideal place for thermals. And for years - in between making TV commercials all over the world and working for George Lucas - Jim's has returned again and again to the Narromine Gliding Club to become one with the sun, storms and air. This is a remarkable book. A male love story. An invocation to join the eagles.

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High seas drama

Project Thunder

A scientific survey ship in the frigid North Sea. A ship that, for some reason, has a SWAT team on board. And is attacked by armed insurgents in mid ocean. Why?

Horror, crime

Death Lust

The zombie apocalypse has arrived but, so far, has only affected Australia. Due to the country's isolation, America decides that plague can be contained...


Hoi Polloi

You're on night shift in a TV station when a psychopathic fired employee breaks in and forces you to join a rampage that gets progressively more disastrous. Gripping.

Gangland crime

Queer Street

Two friends meet at a tough school in a sordid city. When a cruel teacher bashes them both senseless, a blood knot is formed, and their revenge is both sweet - and violent.


The Fourth Eye

What would you do if you stumbled across the world's most closely guarded industrial secret? One man takes on a petro-chemical cartel.

Shock horror

Two Bullets in the Bar

Thriller chiller short stories with a kick. Bad people getting into worse trouble...

Spies, Antarctica

Exit Alpha

When the world's most secret intelligence agency starts to implode, anything can happen. And does. A deadly game involving a spy base in Antarctica.

Sex and death

Everyone Else is Collecting Feathers

FFelicia Reven is impossibly beautiful - resented by women, exploited by men. She can't find love because men only want her for sex.

Gunship saga

Deep Six
An aerospace tycoon who flies his personal C-130 gunship... An out-of-control Pentagon developing human robots... This techno-trip never stops.

SF dystopia

The Logos Probe

What will the world be like in 80 years time? This exhaustively researched dystopian saga concentrates on one aspect - the lust of the rich to live forever.

Travel terror

Dust and Chaos

What happens when you think you're safe - then find you've gone from the fat to the fire? If you're attractive and female, this is not the tour to take.


The Game

Five people are lured to a mysterious island off New Zealand, thinking it's a holiday resort. Then find themselves trapped in a deadly game.

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Lesbian BDSM

Kiss Me Dead
Amoral amateur sleuth, Madden, finds that the people who
sleep with her, drop dead. Includes one of the steamiest S/M lesbian relationships you'll read.

Murderous cult

Death Has No Face

Jen's hired by a female tycoon to investigate the bedmate of a murderous cult leader's beautiful lesbian sister. And, being a sex-crime sleuth, she has to put her body on the line...

Twisted sex

Death Takes a Hike

Jen investigates the sexual kinks in a megarich funeral home dynasty - and finds there are fates far worse than being buried alive.

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Fantasy plus

AD 491

Merlin embarks on an affaire with King Arthur's sister, Morgan Le Fay... ...but the beautiful, other-worldly faerie, Nimue, has another agenda for him.

Future shock

The Logos Probe

In the brutal 2080s, technology's turned feral. Enter a denuded overpopulated world where remarkable scientific advances are available only to the rich.

Award-winning stories

Songs of a Second World

Work of impressive quality. Each story skilfully manipulates language and form to convey the central theme: the world behind what we take as reality.

Traveller's tales

Middle Kingdom

A globe-trotting poet with an ironic, satirical eye distills the best and worse of what he finds around him.

WW2 in France

All Fall Down

Two boys struggle to survive the German occupation. Although they're friends, they take different sides and different paths.

Teen meets guru

Talks With Al

A boy discovers the local handyman is a guru in disguise. And the encounter turns his life upside down.

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Award-winning tales

Songs of a Second World

Tales of a country town - where what is going on is not what is going on at all. Exposes the lives beneath outer events and how they interact.

Witty chick lit

Romantic Stories from Women's Magazines

Most of these stories have been published in leading women's magazines. Romance, humour, and a couple of black hearted twisters for good measure.

Nice and nasty

Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines

Chilling short stories with a kick. Most published in leading men's magazines. Crime. Trick endings. Thoroughly unpleasant and absorbing.

Trick endings

Two Bullets in the Bar

Grim but entertaining and delightfully dark. You won't know where each tale is heading till the last sentence closes the circuit.

Inside Burma

Travelling with Mr Shwe

Burma or Myanmar - behind the headlines. An account of life inside the secretive country by someone who has been there many times.

Vietnam now

Return to Vietnam

Pam Scott looks back on the remarkable changes she has witnessed in Vietnam over the last two decades.

Life in Hanoi

Hanoi Stories

An an unforgettable insight into the charms of this vibrant city and why, once you go there, it's hard to leave.

Living OS

Living the Dream

What's it like to relocate to a foreign country? Pam Scott talks to people who have done it - and tell of their trials and rewards.

Viet women, war

Some left...but Many Stayed Behind

Tales of eighteen Vietnamese women who lived through the Vietnam War and the different ways they coped.

Holiday guide

The Philippines on $40 a Day

A wide-eyed Indian vacations in the Philippines and lets you know how it is. Illustrated and unusual.

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Inner techniques

The Wisdom of Being

Reveals the hidden core behind Buddhism, Vedanta, Sufism, Christianity, Taoism, the Gurdjieff Work and Zen.


Gurdjieff and the Arch Preposterous

Gurdjieff's hidden auto-biography unearthed from the 'Descent' chapters of 'All and Everything'.

Myths explained

Dictionary of Allegorical Words

Spiritual terms relating to myth, allegory, Hermeticism and the occult explained.

Teen meets guru

Talks With Al

A boy discovers the local handyman is a guru in disguise. And the encounter turns his life upside down.

Young love

No Time for the Smiths

When a gormless just-married couple decide to live 26 miles from the town where they work, romance meets reality. Heartwarming and hilarious.

Sailplane saga

The Road to Narromine

Flying 'gliders' in NSW, Australia. A breezy account of airborne mishaps and triumphs. A wild and entertaining record by a man obsessed.

'Fitness' exposed

How to Keep Fit Without Exercise

How to train without pain. Uncommon sense, plus the latest facts on fads. Written by a humourist, medical writer and historian.

How to have it all!

How to Get What You Want

This is an amusing read. But, beneath the laughs, lurk sense. A happy way to clue yourself in and everything suggested here works!

The quantum God

The Hyperspace of Consciousness

Can science understand the spirit and the soul? a brave attempt by an Italian astrophysicist.


Pecarus 1 and 2
Combined books written in poetic prose. Focus on world peace and the human condition.

Only in USA

The American Dream
A damning criticism of American institutions, government and corporations by an academic with an insider's perspective.

Grammar grins

The Grammar Police
One man's wry guide to grammar. Jim Richards explains the worst slips in the funniest way. Coming soon!

Meet the surveillance society...

What would you do if you stumbled across the world's most closely guarded industrial secret? The Fourth Eye is about Colin Blake, a commercial photographer who inadvertently learns about never-to-be-released technology - and finds himself on the petrochemical cartel's death list. But, unknown to the corporations, Blake has a devastating weapon - total recall - and uses it to great effect. Non stop action page turner? You've got it.

Top adventure thriller...

Project Thunder is Smith's latest action blockbuster. You're on a scientific survey ship in the frigid North Sea. A ship that, for some reason, has a SWAT team on board. When the ship's attacked by armed insurgents in mid ocean, the team prevails. Until a hurricane breaks it into two pieces and it sinks off the frigid coast of Norway. And that's just the start. Non-stop action. Non-stop twists. And fully rounded characters that suck you in.

Near future science fiction...

What will the world be like in 80 years time? This exhaustively researched dystopian saga concentrates on one particular aspect - the lust of the rich to live forever. And with the latest scientific breakthroughs, they are getting close to doing just that. But what consequences does that have for people down the food chain? Plenty! If you like your near-future science fiction dark and well informed, get this one.