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AD 491

Category: Fantasy/Medieval/Romance/Witchcraft/Pendragon
370 pages
Key words: Merlin, Morgan Le Fey, Saxons, King Arthur.

Merlin embarks on an affaire with King Arthur's sister, Morgan Le Fay...

...but the beautiful, other-worldly faerie, Nimue, has another agenda for him. Witches, warlocks, quests and wonders spirit you away from the mundane...

King Arthur is facing battle with the murderous Saxon overlord Aelle. Meanwhile the self-absorbed ruler of the Faerie people Hellekin, is set to intervene in Arthurs battle because of Nimues involvement with the humans. It's a situation that could tip the balance of power toward the invading army.

Enter a tangled web of intrigue and lust, sorcery and sword fights, as the lives of these mythical and medieval figures intersect and irrevocably change outcomes in AD 491.

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