Book Booster is an eBook publisher and a promotional platform for new books. We are, also, one of the easiest ways to get your book on the net - and the sister site of Buzzword Books (

  Q and As...

Questions people ask us about putting their books on Book Booster.

Do you design the book cover for me?

 If you need one. But it helps if you can provide the illustration. And this must be free of copyright restrictions. You have a digital camera, haven't you? We also reserve the right to reject your image - for instance, if it is boring or pornographic. If you can't provide an image, we'll come up with something effective.

What about promotional materials - such as postcards and business cards?

 Again, you may not need these but you could find them helpful. We send them as attachments to an email - colour postcards arranged four up on A4 and coloured business cards 10 up on A4. In other words, we supply the art and layout and you take it from there. You then need to print that file out, if you have a colour printer, and or take it to an instant printer or Office Works to make copies on thicker stock if you can't manage that at home. And, of course, you will need to guillotine the result (or use a craft knife with a metal straight edge) to finish the job. Easy enough. We do the hard bit.

What if I've got my own website or blog and have set up my own payment system?

 Great! Then we simply link your entry to that system. And you score a valuable external link to your site as well as a separate platform. Bookbooster is far and away the easiest option for publishing or showcasing your eBook. Or a print book for that matter. No we don't print books but we can direct readers to your local bookstore if you have your printed book stocked there.

What if my book's already on Amazon or Smashwords or some other distributor?

 That's fine. And how is it doing? Yes, you can promote it on social media. But all publicity is good publicity. So why not have it on this site as well, on its own separate page, with a link to your other publisher? Then you have an additional publicity platform. The more exposure for your book and the more outlets the better!

Do you promote my book?

 No. Book Booster acts as a showcase but specific promotion is your job. In the eBook universe, authors no longer have to grovel to publishers, editors and agents but are still obliged to become their own promoters. And with a host of social sites and forums available, plus effective local promotion, this is easier than ever. For instance, some authors place their book on this site before approaching publishers. They then have a show-window that publishers can source. Others list their books as free and want them directly downloaded from this site as a PDF file. Fine with us. We adjust to fit your needs!

Why does your shopping cart display as Buzzword Books?

 Book Booster is a division of Buzzword Books and uses their shopping cart facility. Buzzword only accepts highly professional titles. But Book Booster is happy to take anything that is not pornographic or defamatory. No, not your 3,000 word short story. But novellas are fine.

How long do you take to get back to me?

 Book Booster is a small operation and we can only handle a limited number of projects efficiently. So you may find it takes a day or three before we get back to you. Please be patient. You're on the list.

This is a complex site. So how and where do I get started?

 Have you read our How We Help New Authors page? You need to, and that's where you start. Once you've absorbed the info there, it directs you to our How to Get Published page and gives the email address for submissions. Then you simply email us and tell us what you have and what you need. We'll ask you to send us a Word file of your first chapter and you'll receive back your free chapter assessment. At least you'll get an idea of where you're at for no cost.

How do I pay? And how much?

 That's all on our How To Publish page. Our charges are low and range from $20 to $100.