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All Fall Down

'This absorbing novel is excellent. Fully researched, with a great sense of time and place. Highly recommended.'
D. S. Mills, Buzzword Books

Coming of age in occupied France.

Two boys growing up in France during the war face life and death choices...

Paul and Claude are in love with the same girl, Jacquie. But Jacquie only has eyes for Claude - and she loves that alluring scar on his cheek. It makes him look as if he's always smiling. And it's so seductive.

When the Nazis occupy France, the boys live in constant fear of being sent to work in German factories. To avoid conscription, Claude joins the French Gestapo. But Paul chooses the Resistance.

The boyhood friends are now on opposite sides in a ruthless and bloody conflict.

Ray Johnstone is an Australian author, artist and hotelier who lives in a beautiful part of rural France. His absorbing novel is exciting, dramatic, and brilliantly recreates the time and atmosphere of WW2. Highly recommended.   Price just $3.95. Use our secure shopping cart here: