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The Unfulfilled Promise of the American Dream

The corruption of democracy is here!

Corporate conspiracies, financial system rorts, why drugs are still illegal, the debt trap, racism, nationalism... Read about all that's being done to keep you uniformed and enslaved!

Are sociopaths controlling a government pathocracy? Do you know the lie behind trickle-down economics? Are you familiar with the illicit seizure of lucrative public resources? The corporate state? Fascism by stealth? Surging billionaires rather than 'emerging markets'? Corporations granted the rights of citizens? The freedom to acquire wealth without social responsibilities? Public slavery versus corporate freedom? It's all here, with quotes and references from the guilty and the damned.

Weakening of the criminal justice system. Vote rigging. Misinformation. The nexus between racism and nationalism. Exploitation of third world countries. Halliburton. Bechtel. The enforced loyalty of countries crippled by debt. The expanding effect of income inequality. The fraudulent systems of the financial elites. The failure of the 'war on drugs'. The shadow banking system. Toxic ideology and unmentionable truth. Welcome to the Land of the Free (with the world's largest prison population). Welcome to the Predatory State.

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