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Everyone Else is Collecting Feathers'

Category: Mystery, adventure, horror, travel.
Length: 45,000 words.
Key words: Supermodels, sex, exploitation, rape, betrayal.

Too beautiful for her own good...

Felicia Reven is impossibly beautiful - resented by women, exploited by men. She can't find love because men only want her for sex.

Women resent her and are envious of her looks. Even her friends turn on her for no apparent reason.

Then she meets Scott Bennington - a weak man in a bad marriage that he is too afraid to leave. He is the first male to treat her well and they form a bond. Then Felicia lands a job as a model and they embark on a photo shoot/road trip.

But her ex-boyfriend is possessive and has her followed. He is stalking her as well - with murder in mind...

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