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Death Lust

Category: Zombies/Adventure/Horror.
Length: 26,000 words.
Key words: Zombies, Australia, Apocalypse, survival, horror.

What happens when your local supermarket is full of zombies?

A flesh-creeping tale about flesh-eating monsters. New worlds of horror to set your teeth on edge...

The zombie apocalypse has arrived but, so far, has only affected Australia. Due to the country's isolation. America decides that plague can be contained. They intent to bomb all the country's airports and block every way out.

Ryan, an ex-army man who has just lost his family, decides to press on, determined to survive. He has an idea to get to the local army base to arm himself. Then he'll figure out what to do next. He meets Beth, who is on her way to the supermarket to look for her father. Together they face the Death Lust of the zombies - zombies who don't eat people - just kill them. This is a trip that doesn't let you go. Just $2.99. Use our secure shopping cart here: