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Dust and Chaos

Category: Mystery, adventure, horror, travel tale.
Length: 27,000 words.
Key words: Travel, Nepal, murder, adventure, violence, revenge.

When Grace gets into trouble in Nepal, one thing leads to another...

What happens when you think you're safe - then find you've gone from the fat to the fire? If you're young, attractive and female, this is not the tour to take!

Attractive Australian girl, Grace Presser, is visiting Nepal. As she drives her motor scooter in the streets of Kathmandu, she accidentally kills a cow. An irate local pursues her and she manages to get away from him by joining a busload of Australian tourists.

She thinks she is safe. But what she doesn't know is the twisted relationship between the tour guide and a wealthy tourist on the bus. And as the tour goes on, it becomes increasingly deadly. This novella has a great sense of place and nail-biting conclusion. Mayhem. Murder. A fun read.

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