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Pecarus 1 and 2Pecarus 1 and 2
The author describes this as 'a two volume autobiographical revelation written in poetic prose'. Category: Poetry, Non Fiction, History, Philosophy, Paranormal, Autobiography, Inspirational.
Length: 91,000 words
Key words: God, Life, Motivation, World History, Religion, Paranormal, Educational.

John AlexandraCivilizations and Conscious Evolution
A public lecture given by John Alexander, author of The Wisdom of Being, in 2012. He explains that the enlightened individual will always have a higher consciousness than the society he lives in and that civilizations are founded by such individuals, not societies.

GurdjieffGurdjieff's Fourth Way
A lecture on the Fourth Way system. Some say that Gurdjieff removed the dogma and distortions from traditional teachings and re-presented them in a way designed to engage Western intellectuals.

D. S. MillsHow to write commercial fiction
D. S. Mills, commissioning editor of Buzzword Books, outlines the main techniques for writing effective, professional fiction. An essential guide for new writers who want to home their skills.

Middle KingdomTravel poems
David Farnsworth is a compulsive world traveller, observer and poet. Here's the start of his book Middle Kingdom.

  The Stand-In
According to esoteric thought, the life and crucifixion of Christ was a mystery play acted by conscious adepts with the intention of injecting certain spiritual ideas into general life. Christ did not appear historically until aged thirty. What was he doing before then? Who prepared him for his mission? This disturbing short story dramatizes what has come down to us through Essene sources about this remarkable period. (Not recommended for fundamentalists.)