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Halfway to Everywhere'

'Fast-paced, tightly written, gripping accounts of life, packed with quotes and rich in detail, these stories from 15 countries around the world will entertain everyone from casual travellers to hardcore backpackers.'


Tales from 15 extraordinary countries around the world.

Halfway to Everywhere is a collection of 15 evocative vignettes about travel in the world’s most frightening, remote and often beautiful countries.

Whether it be chasing IS in Afghanistan, being arrested for spying in Syria, kidnapped in Kashmir or getting caught in a coup in Fiji, a key theme that runs through the stories is the difficulty in getting from A to B and the people, the brave locals, who front up to help a far-flung foreigner.

The author, who travelled and wrote this book between 2000 - 2015, takes you on a far-reaching journey through Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands and beyond, from edgy global hotspots you've seen on the evening news, to places you would never dream of going. You'll follow him to idyllic tropical beaches in countries most people haven't heard of. The book’s title derives from the fact there are 196 countries in the world and he's travelled to 100 of them, so he is now 'halfway to everywhere'.  Just $$2.99! Use our secure shopping cart here: