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Hanoi Stories'

'Recommended as 'essential reading before any trip to Vietnam.'

'A fun, well-written book that should appeal to everyone.'

Pam Scott describes the city she lived in and came to love.

She explains: 'I suppose I love my home city of Sydney, rather like one loves one's parents. But Hanoi was a passionate affair. I knew I was captured after three short visits in 1993.'

After three brief business trips in 1993, Pam Scott became enamoured of Vietnam's intriguing capital. In 1994 she made a permanent move, living and working there for the next eight years. What she discovered was more wonderful, interesting, and challenging than she could have ever imagined. She felt safe, unrestricted. And she found no coldness towards the West - only warmth, friendship, curiosity and openness.

Pam involved herself in the lives of everyday Hanoians - cyclo drivers, shopkeepers, singers, dancers, doctors, noodle sellers, university students, teachers and company directors. She also opened Hanoi's first English language bookshop and, among other things, took singing lessons, went ballroom dancing, had her fortune told Hanoi-style, and ate some of the city's more exotic offerings.

Hanoi Stories is an unforgettable insight into the charms of this vibrant city, and why once you go there, it's hard to leave. It has many photos and is essential reading for anyone considering a trip to Vietnam. PDF only.  Just $$3.95! Use our secure shopping cart here: