Book Booster is an eBook publisher and a promotional platform for new books. We are, also, one of the easiest ways to get your book on the net - and the sister site of Buzzword Books (

  How we help new authors...

Book Booster is happy to epublish your book without strings.

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Book Booster offers authors the simplest way to publish an ebook! If you wish, we do everything for you - from conversion and cover design to shopping cart - and you get the full amount of each sale. Best of all, you only pay for what you need.

What we do for you:
You've put a lot of effort into your book. Are you going to throw that away? Here you can display it on the net with no technicalities for as little as $40.

  We create a dedicated promotional page on this site featuring details about you and the book, together with any reviews available. No fuss.

   We handle the design of your entry. And it appears at a generous size.

  We can add a Paypal 'buy now' shopping cart facility if you don't have your own. Or link your book to your own email address, web page or other eBook publisher. Book Booster acts simply as a showcase. Yes, there's a manual on this site that shows how to configure your text for PDF and eBook. (It can save you money but it's optional.) 

  We can also design and produce your cover if you don't have one. We can even design your personalized promotional business card, plus postcard sized art, to help you promote your project to friends, family, local media sources and bookshops. It's all here from full service to just placement. You've found the easiest way to create and promote your eBook. 
What we don't do:
We don't take a percentage on your book sales. You receive the full amount.

  We select a reasonable price for your book and send you the complete amount it earns each six months. You retain all rights and can withdraw if you wish at any time.

  And you are most welcome to sell or promote the same book on other sites, including your own if you have one. Freedom! In short, we get you on the net without fuss and act simply as a platform for your project.

  You can use your own payment system, if you have one, and use Book Booster simply as a promotional device to increase the exposure of your site. And even if you don't go ahead with your project here, you'll score a free assessment of your first chapter!

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