Book Booster is an eBook publisher and a promotional platform for new books. We are, also, one of the easiest ways to get your book on the net - and the sister site of Buzzword Books (

  How to get published on this site...

Book Booster is happy to promote or epublish your book without strings.

Book Booster offers you the simplest way to promote a book - or publish an ebook! You only pay for what you need and get the full amount of each sale. (If you wish, we do everything for you - from conversion and cover design to shopping cart.)

 If your book is on the net or in a bookshop but needs more exposure:

Perhaps your book's on Amazon. Or it may be a self-published paperback in local bookshops. You've done what you can to promote it and have decided that you need a more exposure. Book Booster then becomes an extra promotional and/or selling platform. You'll have a dedicated page displaying your cover, plus blurb about contents and author. And this can link to other outlets. For instance, to your email, website, bookstore or blog. Cost for the extra boost? Just $40 for continuing exposure.

 If you don't have an eBook publisher but have computer skills and are willing to do some things yourself:

It's your first book. It's not yet on the net and you are prepared to do a bit yourself. Once your text is as good as you can make it, use the Buzzword style manual to strip out all unnecessary formatting so that we can easily adapt it to ePub and PDF. Then your book will appear on this site, properly formatted, for just $60.

 If you're not technical and want us to do the donkey work for you:

If you can't face the learning curve needed to format your book, produce a cover and upload it, then we do the lot: formatting, cover, landing page, shopping cart and the rest - all for just $100. Note that our costs in this area represent a return of less than four dollars an hour.

 Our fees again?

  • Simple placement for book already on net or printed: $40
  • If you do the basic formatting: $60
  • Everything provided: $100
  • Editing: Our costs vary with the length and condition of the text. But yes, a professional editing service is available for a moderate charge.

 First step - polish and check:

Make sure your book is as good as you can make it. Good writing is rewriting. Eliminate clich├ęs, sloppy descriptions, unnecessary words and phrases. If you are new to such refinements, read the article WATCH YOUR TONGUE on the Buzzword Blog. Or the article on writing fiction. See link this page. Once you can't improve your text further, use Word's grammar-checking feature, find/replace and spell check as proofreading aids. With that done, we suggest that you download the Bookbooster Style Manual and work over the file again, formatting it as shown. This will save you money.

 Later, we'll ask you to write a 'blurb'.

Write a 150-word ad for your book - the kind of promotional copy you would read on the back cover of a printed book. If you don't feel confident, look at examples on published books, then try. Your razz should hint at the content in a way that intrigues and entices. So don't give away the ending or over-describe. Yes, we'll edit it for you.

 And we'll need a short author profile.

Write a 150-word summary of  your writing history, awards won and previous books published, if any. Add skills, academic or other qualifications - anything that could interest a reader enough to consider your book.

 Plus a cover illustration, if you have one. And head shot.

This should be a JPG file at least 500 pixels wide in portrait format (usual book aspect ratio). If you can't manage that, try to provide a JPG file of picture or art which does not infringe any third party copyright. Failing that, we'll manage something. But try. And add a headshot of yourself if you want your face on the site.

 Note this warranty:

Only send your book if you can warrant that you are the sole owner of the work, that it does not infringe any existing copyright including picture or illustration copyrights, or breach the confidence or moral rights of any person, or, in the case of fiction, represent any living character - and that you indemnify Book Booster against any injury, loss or damage occasioned by any breach of that warranty.

 To get started, send us an email telling us about your book and the specific services you need. And attach a Word file of your first chapter. But we suggest you do that only after you...

 Read this article on writing effective fiction.

 And, if you are able to tackle some of the formatting yourself, download our Style Manual here.