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Queer Street

REVIEW: 'Short, sharp and thoroughly nasty. If you think a gang's going to protect you, think again.'

There's a wasteland just out of town. And what happens there isn't nice.

Crooked cops. Merciless villains. Bashings, murder, torture, and something worse...

Two friends first meet at a tough school in a sordid city. When a cruel teacher bashes them both senseless, a blood knot is formed, and their revenge is both sweet - and violent.

By their late teens they have built a drug empire that brings in millions. But an agreement with a rival gang to share the spoils ends with a particularly vile killing. This sparks a bloody war between the gangs.

As the body count builds, the Police Chief calls in a bounty hunter to rid his city of the problem. His brief is simple: kill both gang leaders.

For genre and style, think Pulp Fiction and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Just $2.95.  Use our secure shopping cart here: