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Romantic Stories from Women's Magazines

'Worth it for "The Sandman" alone. An award winning, sensitive and highly visual story with a universal theme that, some day, will inspire a lyrical movie.'

'...not all glossy women's mag romances here. There are others that are, let's say, challenging. A collection pitched at women of all hair colours and mentalities.'

Entertaining stories for women. And not all boy meets girl...

Top stories from leading women's magazines: romantic, funny, peculiar and sometimes bizarre!

For instance, there's The Sand Man - an award-winning story about a crazily-in-love couple who build a huge sand man on the beach. What happens then is something to experience. Then there's The Snag - a story about a man who can do anything, except relate to women. And Serpent for Celia. Do sea serpents exist? Of course not. But still... And The Man Who Made Whistles - where a hen-pecked husband learns to control mosquitoes. In Spinster, an 'old maid' suddenly discovers a different way to live. In Brass Teeth, a Prime Minister's wardrobe malfunction changes the course of history. In Time Waits for Nolan, a complacent retiree abruptly slides into a decomposing world. Then, just to tone you up, there's the arid, eerie SF world of Tub Travellers. And, finally, The Stand-in - a searing re-take on the Crucifixion based on esoteric research. (21,500 words)

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