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Suffer Eternal

Category: Science Fiction.
Length: 73,500 words.
Key words: Dystopia, Australia, SF, horror, survival.

When the world becomes unlivable, how do you get out of here?

Two people only can make it. But 19 are selected to try. And they'll do anything to get a berth.

After a plague, aliens are determined to repopulate their world. But they only want the best and were smart enough to plan for this contingency.

Billions of years ago when the earth was young, they were here. The planet was a volcanic nightmare. But they knew it would cool. They planted two seats in the magma. In the 21st Century people are being watched. An intergalactic "Bus Driver", is sent to choose 19 people for a competition. They will compete for the two seats off this rock of horrors. We see these lives through a series of vignettes. They all want to go. They may do anything to win, even betray those closest to them.

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