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Two Bullets in the Bar'

Category: Short Story, South Africa, human relations, murder.
78,000 words
Key words: Quirky, individualistic, film noir.

Grim but entertaining!

Ray Johnstone's take on life is delightfully dark. You won't know where each tale is heading till the last sentence closes the circuit.

A man takes his WW2 Luger into a bar. He has two bullets. One for his girlfriend and one for any other man she sleeps with.
A boy on a housing estate finds a useful place to lodge a bayonet.
The lonely Katy finds the perfect lover - then discovers he has routines that interest the police.
Jessica's man on the side, Clive, is good at swapping plane tickets. Then he discovers there are planes you don't really want to catch.
Then there's Laura, Lawrence and an encounter with a petrol tanker.
And there's a wife-swapping foursome who discover what happens when two of them break up.
Sheraton joins the secret service and nothing much happens until...
David is good at getting money out of old ladies until he gets involves with one who's already involved with the Mob.
And when the Major's wife discovers her son is gay, she's quite accepting - until she finds the naked antics on his computer.

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