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Weeping Stitches'

Category: Short Story, real world, science fiction, crime, murder.
54,000 words
Key words: Quirky, individualistic, dark.

Dark, stark and twisted

Welcome to the humour of despair. Eleven dark tales about human nature or the lack of it.

It's lonely at the top, the bottom and in between. Like zombies, we crawl over each other to get what we think is ours. From a certain perspective, whatever this might be may not be all that important but, in the mind of the combatant, it is everything. This seemingly indestructible mentality leads directly to one thing—loneliness.

Those with a platform bombard the rest of us with bullshit. Almost everything is a lie. Inducements to buy and spend. We see enthusiastic salespeople who are happy to pedal their wares until the camera is switched off whereupon wish they were dead. Entertainment reporters who laugh it up with celebrities but couldn't give someone unable to further their career the time of day.

These stories dump the reader in the real world. The real world of danger, ignorance, heartache, anxiety, hatred, lies, deceit. The world of TV evangelists, murderous psychopaths and dried fruit!

And sometimes take him out of it.

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